About Us

Ranching is Personal

Nature is a wonderful thing. And Sonoma Natural Beef Angus are raised as nature intended them to be, eating what is best for them. They are not confined but graze freely in the sunshine, moving among the fertile pastures of Sonoma County. Raised organically, they are never fed corn, other byproducts, antibiotics, or growth hormones.

Humane treatment is the core of all we do. At Sonoma Natural Beef, we love and respect our animals. We practice low-stress weaning of calves in which calves are kept close to their mothers for a minimum of 7 to 8 months, and allowed to separate naturally.

cindy among the cows

We practice sustainable grazing. Our goal is to improve every pasture where we graze our cattle by encouraging the growth of Sonoma County’s native grasses. A well-managed herd that is regularly moved from one pasture to another is crucial for fertilizing and sustaining healthy soil. According to recent studies, sustainable or well managed pastures provide numerous benefits including decreased soil erosion and improved water quality.

Cattle ranching comes naturally to us. Owner and Sonoma County native Kelly Condren was born into the cattle business. From his early years in New Mexico to today in Sonoma and Lake Counties, Kelly has been in the cattle business all of his life. His experience drew him to grass-fed beef because of his beliefs in how cattle should be treated and raised: grazing, basking in the sunshine and socializing with the herd.

The culture of ranching is rooted in a love of hard work. Ranching’s challenges and rigors cultivate a sense of responsibility – to the animals and to the land. It’s also a wholesome and rewarding lifestyle. Kelly, along with partner Cindy, grew up in the California agricultural tradition, participating in 4-H as young adults. Today, they carry that legacy forward, as hands-on partners in the agricultural world that they love, doing every job from the care and feeding of the herd to mending the fences along the boundaries of the pastures where the animals graze. And now, Tucker joins them, learning the wholesome and natural approach to raising beef cattle.